The 2023 growing season started with a warm spring, followed by a relatively cool, fertile summer, and ended with a warm, dry autumn. The initial vine growth was slightly behind schedule, providing an opportunity to manage the canopy effectively, improve fruit exposure, and help with disease prevention.

Vineyards showed great fertility, reflecting improved vine health. The season was relatively mild – perfect for allowing the grapes to ripen gently and evenly and show concentrated and distinctive flavours, particularly in the vineyards located in the Awatere Valley. The nature of this season allowed for optimal winemaking decisions.

David Clouston, Winemaker, has declared that this year’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties are exceptional. The Chardonnay has a bright acidity with great intensity and purity. The Sauvignon Blanc has powerful aromatics and distinctive flavours. The red varieties benefited from the late warmth in the season, resulting in very juicy and concentrated berries. Syrah is showing incredible vibrance and great potential. Pinot Noir is concentrated, with classic Marlborough wild berry aromatics and a ripe tannin profile.’It could be one of the best vintages since 2015′- David Clouston.